Roasted Cabbage “Steaks” with cheese and onion topping

I had never thought of doing this before nor had I tried it anywhere but I can guarantee that roasted cabbage steaks is now going to be firmly on our regular menu at home.

Slice the cabbage into thickish slices, keeping the stalk intact to hold the steak together, cut a bit off the ends so the ends can lie flat.

This first time I basted the “steaks” with a mixture of garlic, chilli and olive oil and roasted them until crispy for half an hour or so at 200 degrees Celsius, then topped with grated cheddar and finely sliced onions and grilled the tops until the onion was cooked and cheese well melted.

Absolutely delicious and a great substitute for carbs with dinner.

I am already thinking about other basted and toppings for future versions.

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4 thoughts on “Roasted Cabbage “Steaks” with cheese and onion topping

  1. Great post – I’ve tried roasted red cabbage steaks before covered in balsamic vinegar (one to try) but now I’ll definitely be going with the cheesy topping! Such a great veggie and low carb dinner!

    1. Ooh red cabbage with balsamic sounds yummy too…I make a tangy shredded red cabbage to have with roast pork …so cabbage steaks might replace that!.

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