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In our family, we know it’s almost Christmas when the Turkey is in the brine overnight.

It’s all about salt, water and aromatics and a great way to throw I. The last of those star anise, juniper berries, cinnamon quills and the like that you have lying around in your spice cupboard! A few fresh ingredients like oranges, onion, spring onion tops, ginger, thyme and Rosemary will add delicious flavour to your Christmas bird.

You will need a nice clean bucket or tub. We buy a cheap, new one each year, wash it out well and fill with the turkey, cover with water, salt and aromatics. It doesn’t need to go into the fridge overnight.

Here’s the link to the original blog and Nigella’s recipe if you would like a bit more guidance.

Brining the Turkey makes ALL the difference if you want a plump , juicy roast on Christmas Day.

Merry Xmas everyone!!

Beautiful (And Delicious) Christmas Recipes

From ….thank you. Some wonderful Christmas ideas…maybe one or two might make our menu over coming days.

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Beautiful (And Delicious) Christmas Recipes

Festive Duck Roll #christmas #delicious

This year Annie won’t be with us for Christmas so it’s going to be up to Us to recreate her famous duck roll with pistachio and cherry filling ourselves. We’ll miss you Annie but will be thinking of you as we use your generously shared recipe.

You’ll need to hurry now to order your deboned whole duck from the butcher though!!

Festive duck roll

Here’s the link to the recipe

Annie’s Festive Duck Roll

Orange date salad with mint and pistachio yoghurt #christmas

A lovely zesty minty, salad, delicious alongside the Christmas Turkey. Memories of Christmases past.

Orange and date salad with pistachio yoghurt and mint

The best Turkey is a brined Turkey

Our Xmas turkey will enjoy a brining tonight before stuffing and cooking in the bbq tomorrow.

Here’s a link to Nigella Lawson’s Turkey brine recipe….use what spices you have on hand, anything is better than nothing!