Beautiful Blogger Award

Thank you to Satabdi from for nominating for a Beautiful Blogging Award. Getting acknowledgment from my fellow bloggers is still surprising and exciting especially as I’ve only been blogging for a few months.

The rules for this award are:
Link to the blogger who nominated you
Share 7 random things about yourself
Nominate 7 creative and beautiful bloggers
Notify them of your nomination

So to follow the rules here are 7 free spirited random things about me:

  1. I love travel and discovering different cultures
  2. I enjoy cooking lots of different cuisines, not just Indian food
  3. I wish I had more time to read books – which I find I can only really enjoy on holidays nowadays
  4. I would like to be more creative and pursue my interest in art at some point in my life
  5. I am secretly hoping to get another cat as a pet, preferably a chocolate Burmese
  6. I have a colouring in book for grown-ups
  7. I have never ridden a bicycle but I’ve jumped out of a plane!

My nominations for the Beautiful Blogging Award for their great recipes, photos and design are:
1. Ice Cream Magazine
2. Marcey’s Table
3. Foodfullife
4. What’s Bec Cooking?
5. Nish Kitchen
6. From the family table
7. Thyme and everything else
Happy blogging!