Warung Mek Juwel is a local gem! #ubud #nasicampurayam

This local gem, Warung Mek Juwel, is hidden away in a back road of Sayan, just outside of Ubud but worth the trip out for delicious Nasi Campur Ayam, the iconic Balines chicken and rice dish. It certainly was a great way to kick off this trip to Bali. It is a one dish restaurant so you just sit at the table, help yourself to soft drinks from the fridge and the food magically appears. It’s like being in a Balinese family home.

Nasi Campur translates to mixed rice and is traditionally served with a mixture of meat cooked in different styles and a mixture of sambals and sides. Throughout Bali the competition and legends of various Nasi Campur warungs (local restaurants) abounds….with many different styles and flavours. Therefore the search for the best Nasi Campur is I believe a lifetime task! Today’s visit to Warung Mek Juwel definitely makes the cut of one of the best I’ve tried.

Warung Mek Juwel hasn’t quite made the map of the best Nasi Campur in the world as yet, but I suspect this will not be far away. However I just saw that it is Ubud Food Legend Janet de Neefe’s recommendations in her top places to eat like a local in Ubud.

Spicy, sweet, savoury, crunchy, soft and full of flavour: Legendary Nasi Campur Ayam at Warung Mek Juwel, Sayan, Ubud

The (Ayam)chicken served in the Nasi Campur here at Warung Mek Juwel is a combination of roast chicken, sate Lilit(minced chicken on lemongrass skewer), smoked chicken and crunchy chicken skin “floss” all cooked with a delicious “bumbu” – the name for traditional Balinese spice pastes. The smoked chicken was flavourful with a smokiness that apparently comes from being roasted in coconut husks.

Entryway to home of owners of Warung Mek Juwel

Served with fiery sambal, boiled egg and a mixture of crunchy peanuts, and delicious vegetables, noodles and rice, this is a truly authentic nasi campur ayam. the restaurant was full of locals which of course is always a great sign if you’re eating local food. (I skip the small serving of fried internal bits and pieces of chicken but my husband loves it all!)

Legendary local Nasi Campur Ayam at Warung Mek Juwel

The restaurant itself is situated next to the family home and has a lovely, simple feel and overlooks rice paddies and local homes with ducks wandering around quacking in the background. Prices are still local so it’s about RP45,000 each which is an absolute bargain for this truly authentic experience!

Ducks in the rice paddies next to Warung Mek Juwel

Great authentic Nasi Campur Ayam experience to kick off our current trip to Ubud, Bali.