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Herb and Mustard pork neck with roast beetroot

I always remember Aunty Mary’s delicious, tender pork neck roasts when she would have us over for weekend lunches when she was still entertaining at home.This version is a bit more herby and peppery and the vegetables probably have a more Contemporary feel to her traditional English accompaniments but the moist tender pork neck is a tribute to those hearty lunches we used to enjoy at her place. The beetroot cooked alongside the pork is a delicious sweet, crunchy alternative to apples. One of these days I’m going to return the favour and cook this for Aunty Mary! Prep time: 5 minutes Cooking time: 1.5 hours Ingredients 750g-1kg boneless pork neck 2 tspns Dijon mustard Handful Rosemary leaves stripped off stalks 1 tspn dried oregano 3 cloves garlic 1 tspn Maldonado sea salt 2 tspns cracked black pepper 1 tbspn olive oil 1-2 fresh beetroots cut into wedges 1 small fennel bulb cut into wedges 2 carrots cut into medium size pieces 400g Pumpkin cut into pieces 2 parsnips cut into medium size pieces Broccoli …

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