Balinese Village Cooking adventure

Penny Williams at Bali Asli
Penny Williams at Bali Asli

Balinese coconut farmer
Balinese coconut farmer

One of of the best cooking class experiences I’ve ever done was at at Bali Asli in East Bali. Class led by Australian owner Penny Williams. We began with a 2 hour trek into the village of Pangi with stunning views over the rice fields, the ocean and volcanoes. Stopped for Balinese coffee with Pak Made and family bYefore seeing coconuts being harvested and learning about the essential herbs and spices that make Balinese food so fragrant and unique.

We then embarked on a 2 hour cooking class making our own bumbu Bali spice paste, sate lembat be siap (chicken lemongrass skewers), Pesan be pasih (spiced fish in banana leaf), fern tip salad and Nasi goreng. As you can I imagine we were salivatinG by the time lunch was ready and the food was well worth the effort and wait.

Penny is a great guide and teacher providing a truly immersive experience. Highly recommend a visit next time you’re in Bali Bali Asli is about a 2 hour drive from Ubud which takes you through beautiful coastal and mountain villages. More information can be found at

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