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Bluefish Agrodolce-1

Bluefish with Agrodolce Sauce-0232 Peter Ryan, of Wulf’s Seafood, cutting a side of bluefish into portions, one of which appears above.

Okay, I admit it–I love fishy fish.  You can keep catfish, but once that’s off the table, I’ll eat everything else.  Bring on the sea urchin roe, mackeral, fresh sardines and all swimming things smoked and pickled.  All grand.  But if I were Neptune, sitting at my right hand, way above the salt, would be bluefish.  This week we’re serving Bluefish Agrodolce, an easy easy easy dish.  And when you’ve gotten agrodolce, a quick sweet-sour sauce, well in hand you can serve it with just about any kind of seafood with a bit of gumption.  Welcome aboard.

When I was a kid my primary experience with seafood was fish sticks.  Cheap, plentiful, and easily accepting of one of the world’s great condiments, tartar sauce, they were perfect for meatless Fridays in rural Michigan.  A taste for…

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  1. Shanthini says:

    Just found this and suspect it would work very well with snapper in Australia! Not sure what else is close to Bluefish here?


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