Grapes Apple Mint Raita

Always looking for interesting accompaniments for spicy curries. This sounds like a great combination of sweetness and tanginess with the cooling yoghurt to go with some of my curries.

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Grapes Apple Mint Raita | raita recipes | nish kitchen

Raita is one of those quintessential accompaniment to a spicy Indian meal. So let me introduce you to a sweet version of the ever popular raita that’s bound to make your each and every meal complete. A bowl of fruity goodness for any time of the day.

I like my raita loaded with veggies, and in this case, fruits. And since I believe my humble yogurt dip won’t be perfect without some red onions and mint, I added plenty of them.

For that finishing touch, I also added a little ground cumin. Don’t you love spices? For me, the more the better.

With only 6 ingredients, this grapes and apple raita is quick, easy, and so good! And the added bonus – a simple, customizable recipe to create your own fruit raita.

grapes apple mint raita recipe

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