Cajun boiled shrimp and corn – Sydney style

The Spicy Sweetcorn Fritters yesterday reminded me of this yummy boiled “shrimp” dish, the first recipe I posted on my blog, which also features corn and Cajun spices.


Inspired by Adrian’s recent trips to New Orleans and the Gulf of Mexico for work. He has been talking about the traditional boiled shrimp and crawfish that he sampled there since he has been home. Checked out a variety of recipes online but most featured brand name spice mixes that we don’t easily find on the shelves here in Australia. Luckily Adrian had brought home a container of authentic “Slap Ya Mama” Cajun spice mix and with some research into what goes into Zatarain’s crab and shrimp boil mix, we turned out and excellent result that Adrian assures me is very authentic! We held back on serving the shrimp on newspaper but still got our hands dirty like real Southerners do! Great light dinner after a lovely visit to the Sydney Fish Markets on a sparkling Sydney winter’s day to pick up “small” prawns that are needed for this recipe.

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  1. Susan Davies says:

    ARe we sure this Slap your Mama is not a culinary version of domestic violence 😉


    1. Shanthini says:

      Funny Susan. I think the name appealed to Adrian but not for that reason!! Sx


  2. As somebody who has prepared and eaten more than my share of crawfish/shrimp boils, this looks authentic to me. Sorry you couldn’t find the Zatarain’s. It’s often hard to find in the USA outside of Louisiana. I’ve recently been posting some Louisiana recipes. Tomorrow’s is daube glacée. Hope you’ll check it out.


    1. Shanthini says:

      Thanks Darryl. I will definitely check out your post. I am going to try for Zatarain’s online. Cheers Shanthini

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