Cardamom …warm, sweet and spicy!

Cardamom A fragrantly warm winter spice – I love it and the cardamom season is getting into full swing in my house where two of our top seasonal favourites flavoured with freshly ground cardamom are: Winter Fruit & Spice Cake and The BEST Gingerbread Biscuits

via Sugar & Spice & All Things Nice — An Edible Landscape

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  1. You reminded me I need to use cardamom more often Shanthini – have you experimented with black cardamom?


    1. Shanthini says:

      Hi Laura sorry for late reply but yes, Iuse black cardamom in some of my meat curries, particularly pork vindaloo. It adds a smoky warmth…not as sharp as green cardamon.

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      1. Thanks and yes I agree it’s got a lovely smoky flavour 😄


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